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Dance, baby dance

Publiched 2013-04-10 23:05:00 i Wilma - behind the camera,

Hey there!

Just came home from Twisted Feet (the dance school where I dance). Today I've danced Dancehall, Salsa x2 and Burlesque. If you only knew how much I love wednesday because of the long time I spend at Twisted Feet. It's even funnier now when we are preparing our show at Stora Teatern.

Had kind of a lucky day today, had only one lesson at school so I went home and slept in the sun before I went to eat a really good salad. And as I said before, I spent my evening at Twisted.

Now I'm soon going to bed, I'm very tired and I've school early tomorrow. 


My awesome Salad today !

Håll om mig, bara du finns där för mig...

Publiched 2013-04-08 18:22:00 i Wilma - behind the camera,

Hello Everyone!
Just came home from school and a short meeting at work.
Had a really good lunch today together with some of my beautiful girls. We went to Slim Food and directly after to Espresso House for some coffee. 
Otherwise, my life's like normal and right now I'm listening at Petters new album "Början på allt", a really good album actually... And by the way, I'm going to Barcelona on Sunday so actually I'm going to study a little bit now so I don't need to bring my homeworks with me. If something fun comes up tonight I'll keep you posted!
Wilma Westin 

My first real post!

Publiched 2013-04-07 20:49:50 i Wilma - behind the camera,

Hello Everyone,

I just came home from work. I'm working at a restaurant in my hometown, and I'm trying to become a good waitress. It's really fun, my work, I love to meet all the different people I do everday. :) After work we went for a picnic, but it was very very cold, haha... 

Otherwise, I'm studying a bit before school tomorrow and also I'm eating a lots of candy. It's still weekend so it's more than okay... In my opinion of course hehe!

Hello Everyone!

Publiched 2013-04-07 01:31:00 i Wilma - About me,

My name is Wilma, I'm 20 years old and live on the west coast of Sweden. My main interests are dancing and photography, as you probably will notice on this page.

I started this page to inspire and share the pictures I take. Furthermore, I have also decided to have a category where I will write small posts once in a while about what's happening in my everyday life. The category "Behind the camera" is really about giving you an opportunity to get to know the girl behind the photographs on this page.

Otherwise, I would say I am a happy, social and spontaneous girl with lots of energy. And right now, I think the best way to get to know me is to follow my small post in here and ask me something if you wonder. 




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