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Publicerad 2013-11-14 12:36:00 i Wilma - behind the camera,

People come into our lives for a purpose. Some change it entirely.
Others only part of it. And some just stay quiet and wait for something
badto happen to you. Some leave a mark in your mind. Other scratch with
nails in your heart. Third stroked with a feather on your skin. Bristled.
Deliver you the pleasure you desire. Euphoria.
These people become part of your life. Addictive. Worse than a smoker.
Promising stars. Compare it with the sun, the stars, the wind...
and after a while... leave memory. All this becomes a memory.
Others just sometimes remind us that we are there. Somewhere.
That have to do with you. Even if it is "hello." People come and go. Always leave.
You just have to get used to their absence when that time comes.


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